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Cats in Healing

December 2021

healing nurse siamese cat

Lucy hanging out with the bear

Cats help to heal

I adore cats. After Molly’s death in May 2020, the loneliness of not hearing those purrs and meows became overwhelming.


Life kept us busy during May, June, and July, so not having 4 legged little ones around made it easier. But as the summer dragged on, the missing laughter that the little creatures bring became intense.


December 5, 2020, rolled around, and we picked up our first bundle of joy. Lily a 9-month-old chocolate point Siamese. Winning her over took a while. A year later and she has become a blessing. She has her only little quirks, and we adjust to her whims. (link)


January 17, 2021, brought our second love. Lucy, a 4-month-old blue point Siamese. A firecracker for sure. Pushes and shoves her way into whatever is happening. First to the food bowl, causing us to feed the cats in different rooms. Throw a toy to Lily and Lucy grabs it. Being the smallest of her litter, I’m sure she fought hard to survive. The sweetest personality makes up for everything else. (link)


Lucy throws her whole heart into whatever she does. Playing, eating, and not much else stops her. She has destroyed more cat toys than all my other cats together over 50 years. (link) She even knocked the living room lamp on the floor. Broken glass panels everywhere and one destroyed lampshade. Didn’t break the light bulbs, and the lamp was oak, so not a total loss.


Nurse cat

On November 2021, I injured my back. Which required many hours of lying on the bed. The little nurse cat steps up to perform her job of help with the healing.


I go lie on the bed. She arrives within seconds. Crawls on the pillow by my face, purring in my ear. She had made her duty to be on call. Sometimes Lily came, but Lucy put her paw out to push her away or even bite her. As if saying she had the situation under control. Lily retreated to the other end of the bed.


As I improved, Lucy continued to join me, but went for cuddling in my arms. Placing a paw on my face or in my hands. Purring and keeping a watchful eye on me.


One day I noticed, since I was up more, she crashed on the easy chair. Hung on the bear that occupied it with her, sound asleep from exhaustion. I smiled and gave a thank you to the little healer.


Intuitive cats

A few cats are in tune to where they’re needed. Tired, laying on the bed, and Lucy has been there. She jumps up and rubs her body the full length of my back and lies beside my head. Lily shows up, but remains a foot away or lays against my legs.


Non-cat people might not realize the bond that cats have with their owners. Unaware of their compassion, a characteristic more thought of as a dog behavior.


Over the years, I owned a few cats that knew when their presence mattered. The others, oblivious to everything but the food bowl. Sure, they provided fun and lots of laughter, but nurses they weren’t.


Can that purr heal, I’m going to say yes and I have found some information that makes my theory and the behavior of Lucy believable. Check this out: There’s Magic in a Cat’s Purr. Healing powers in a purr are the vibrations. Happier to be surrounded by cats, that also give relaxing and soothing sounds. This makes sense why she was awake most of the time while laying beside me. May also be the reason she was touching my face or hands.



Are you lucky enough to have a cat that knows when you need comforting?



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