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Cats and Technology

January 2022

Blue point Siamese hanging out in the home office

Lucy in the home office

Cats Love Technology

Watch a cat video with cat audio and they want to check on the intruder. Or who might be their new friend? Depends on if they love other cats or not. Our cat Andy loved cats, but not people.


Most of the time, they just accept our affiliation with the noise boxes we have around our homes. Unless something captures their interest. Years ago, cartoons intrigued our cats. They liked the Road Runner cartoon. Polar bears and seals were a popular attraction for one of them.


Molly, our most recent lost cat, loved the Hershey’s Christmas Bell commercial. She stopped and watched every time. She even viewed it on YouTube. The simple look and the bell ringing sparked her interest. (more on Molly)


Cat Accomplished Technique

On the 19th, I was home alone in another room. Suddenly I heard the TV. Assumed, my hubby returned from the supermarket and had switched it on for an unknown reason.


So, I went to look…


Lucy perched on the stand where the TV sits. Enjoying the sunlight from the window. Culprit, no doubt. Lily is on the floor napping in a cat bed. The remote is across the room. Not certain how she succeeded. May be pure luck. Rubbing her nose on the controls, I presume.


My reflections, what next? Will I have shipments of expensive cat cuisine and toys arriving unexpectedly?


Computer and Cat

On the 29th, across the room, Lucy is messing around my computer. I thought she was batting my pen. When I returned to my desk, I gasped… She had wrote in the “search” box:



It may be gibberish but is this just the next step to receiving truckloads of product I didn’t order…! LOL


In the future, I will keep my mouse pointer away from the search box for fear of what damage she could accomplish if let loose with my keyboard.


Has your cat ever typed a few words on your computer?

Or may be turned on the TV?


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