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Cat Year Calculations

chocolate point Siamese sitting on a bookshelf

Lily at 1 year and 10 months old

Nope, not 7 years to one of ours. Even dog equivalents are not calculated by this method.


Over the years, I have discovered a few varying formulas. And the one I’m presenting today is perhaps the best.


Acquired 2 youngsters this past year and observing their reactions… well, especially Lucy. The behavior of Lucy has calmed from a frantic frenzy at feeding time. To waiting patiently in another room while her meal is being prepared. Maybe she is not as ravenous. (Been on the plump side lately.)


She no longer needed to battle with litter mates for mom’s milk. Or tussle over the food bowl after 4 months of age.


Still, she buzzed around the floor at feeding time and leaped on the counter if she wasn’t getting fed soon enough. A container with a few morsels left. I’d place on the floor while preparing theirs. Lucy was notorious for pushing Lily away so she could lick it clean.This persisted for most of the year. (Got Lucy 1-17-2021)


In October 2021, she started sharing with Lily. By late December 2021, she no longer cared to lick out the container. It is now rare that Lily has to share.


But toys are a different narrative. Lucy is right there. Trying to take off with any balls. Lily in hot pursuit. After Lucy has a wonderful round of flipping, rolling around, and chasing the ball, she lets Lily take a few whacks. Occasionally, they even bat it back and forth. Lucy is growing up.

Blue point Siamese 4 months old

Lucy at 4 months old

blue point Siamese cat 1 year and 4 months old on a book shelf

Lucy at 1 year and 4 months old















I can present those reactions into perspective of the calculated cat age equivalents.


According to several charts:

Cat age

1 year   = 15 human years

2 years = 24 human years

For each cat year after 2 years of age, add 4 human years. (A 5-year-old cat is equivalent to 36 human years.)


Let’s hope we have the pleasure of our furry family members reach the centenarian mark. (A 21-year-old cat equals a 100-year-old human.)


After 2 years of age, your cat is equal to 1 human year older every 3 months. This is an excellent system to estimate how old your cat is. And signs to recognize when they slow down or have health issues. When humans grow older, we are not as agile as when we were in our 30s, so don’t expect your 8-year-old cat (48 human years) to be chasing around the house like a 2-year-old cat.


Understanding what their years represent to ours will give us compassion for the aging cat. Providing your loved pet with care as if we were helping an elderly relative.


To give them comforts and adapt to their needs at each stage of their life. This is our duty and responsibility as good cat parents.


Questions: How old is your cat/cats?

                    Have you calculated their age in human years?

                                  When will they be older than you? lol


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