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Cat Toy Reviews

Rings, springs, and balls reviews

What do cats like to play with?

That is a really good question. These are the latest toys that my cats love. Actually, these are Lily’s favorite.

Lucy likes smaller balls. She plays  a little with the springs and rings. Her favorite are soft mice that she manages to munch enough on them to be thrown away in days. Needless to say I don’t have many of them around. She has destroyed so many of them in such a short time period, it becomes a big waste of money. She even started chewing on the bear’s nose that I had sitting on the chair for the past 3 years. May be I need to hunt for dog toys she can chew on, but she probably won’t like them. The hard mice with tails, she has either chewed the tail off or I have had to cut it off before it became a problem to her gut.

But even so with Lucy’s obsession of chewing, she still manages to have fun chasing soft balls.

Now Lily gets right into the games with balls, rings, and springs. She is not interested in playing with mice. She loves to pack the above items around and then find a great place to chase them on the floor or just sit with them on the bed.

I had one cat named Molly, that a toy was bought for her at Christmas. It had a red Santa hat and a light green body that was stuffed with crinkle material. Did I waste my money again? For 9 months it sat. I tried to get her interested in it many times but it was pointless. One day she picked it up and ran all over the house with it. We nicknamed it Buddy. She knew who Buddy was and would hunt for it and bring it to us. Buddy got tossed up in the air and landed behind the sofa and the wall. She loved that toy and from past experiences, getting another one isn’t always the answer. I spent many times repairing it. She played with it for years. It was in bad shape by the end of her life, but I still have the toy put away and look at it once in a while for the memory. (Loofa cat toy that was similar.)

There was one cat that loved black spiders with red pipe cleaners for legs. I removed the elastic string and the jiggly eyes. Bought about 10 of them and after destroying one, she was happy to get another. Still have some of those. Lucy plays with them at times, but still prefers the little tinsel balls I got years ago from a fabric store. They were for another cat that also loved having them thrown to chase and retrieve.

Lily liked the small balls but likes the bigger ones better. They don’t look much like a ball after she carries them around for months. But she doesn’t chew them, so she gets to keep them.

The springs and rings are a new edition to their toy collection. The springs makes lots of noise on the floor without carpet. Being lightweight they travel pretty fast and not always in the direction you would think. Lots of exercise chasing them and hours of fun… if she would quit losing them under the fridge, dresser, and furniture. May be part of the fun is watching us laying on the floor with a flashlight trying to retrieve them.

The rings are lightweight and designed to be easily picked up. Flexible enough not to worry about shattering if stepped on, but with bare feet it might not feel so good.

Tinsel balls come in various sizes, from large to small. The ones in the photo above are the medium size. Now that I know my cats see blue and maybe yellow, too bad I couldn’t buy them all in blue. (You can read what cats see.)


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