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Spayed cat in e-collar


Spaying Your Pet:  Being a responsible cat parent, you know spaying has to be done. But risk of anesthesia is always present. Words pound in your brain, “Everyday across the world hundreds of pets are being altered.”        (Read more)




Happy healthy cats. SealMeal and Plaque Off


Optimum Diet for Cats: To find the perfect combination of bones, meats, organ meats, veggies, is beyond what most of us aspire to discover and implement into our cat’s daily diet. So we leave it to the experts. Hoping we pick the correct food and that our furry family don’t develop any allergies to what we choose. (Read more)



Miracle baby


Survival of a Kitten: Miracle Kitten – Who Shouldn’t Have Survived.  At 4 months of age, we took Holly in for the hernia repair. The vet told us her heart skipped a beat when she opened her up and found the intestines tangled. She only weighed 2 ounces at birth, making it hard to arrange everything in the right position. With birth size and medical issues, it was miraculous she survived. (Read more)


kidney failure in Siamese


Kidney Failure in Cat: The Heartbreak of Kidney Failure. Kidney failure can begin with little warning, as we discovered. By 5:00 a.m. on the 10th, I knew there was something wrong with our 11-year-old blue point Siamese, Minnie.  She was visiting the litter box every 10 minutes.  I brought water to her, which she drank, but still back to the litter box. (Read more)




Maggie’s Loss–The Grieving Pet: Some cats thrive on being an only cat, and then the odd one can’t cope. Minnie, our oldest Siamese, became ill on January 10th. Four days later on January 13th she died of kidney failure. Minnie, a much smaller cat than Maggie, but she ruled. Smacking matches took place with fur flying. Other times they cuddled, washing one another. After naps, things were peaceful or erupted into a fury. (Read more)


taming of the wild cat


Taming of the Wild Cat: Thought this to be a peaceful transition.  But unprepared for one freaked out cat.  She (whom we named Molly) darted in and out behind furniture. We pulled the loveseat out away from the wall, to expose her hiding spot. Visual interaction needed for her. Put water, food, and litter box in the living room where she felt safer. (Read more)




Living With a Blind Feline: So that morning in May 2011, I watched Maggie as she misjudged every few steps of where she was.  It was a red flag.  I stood in front of her as she plowed head-on into me. Moved again, the same thing transpired.  She banged into a chair or a table, as a pinball machine.  She kept over- compensating for the incorrect steps. The harder she tried to correct her position, the more anxiety. (Read more)



Grieving for a Pet: Missing Molly. The house stands silent. No more laughter. No more hellos in the morning. Glance to my right as I walk by the sofa. Molly had sat perched on the white blanket, anxiously waiting to meow good morning to me. Our conversations have ended. Now I’m greeted with the deafening silence. Smiles have vanished. (Read more)





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