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Happy healthy cats. SealMeal and Plaque Off

True meaning of couch surfing.


We look for optimum health, whether for us or our 4 legged family members.

With cats, it’s a tricky balancing act, with nutrition and how to make sure they get it. Felines demand a different diet than dogs. Most of a cat’s diet should be meat. They can’t live off of fish, although you associate fish with cats. But they need what could best be described as a live mouse.

I for one, don’t want to raise mice for my cats.

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Optimum Diet for Cats

To find the perfect combination of bones, meats, organ meats, veggies, is beyond what most of us aspire to discover and implement into our cat’s daily diet. So we leave it to the experts. Hoping we pick the correct food and that our furry family don’t develop any allergies to what we choose.

We wonder if our choice is correct. There is so much information out there. Just as with our ultimate search of the answer to perfect health for ourselves. At least for us, we know how we feel. And eagerly pursue our own journey to good health.

Unfortunately, cats can’t tell us if this or that is working. We wait to see if our cat reacts and hope for improvement. With mild health issues, I searched for the simple easy to do tasks. The results have been rewarding.


Dental Tartar and Bad Breath

Love my cats. But stinky breath is not one of them.

These 2 will not eat dry cat food, so no chewing to clean their pearly whites.

I started using Plaque Off on 3-24-2021. A month later I’m happy to say the tartar on their teeth, gone. Lily and Lucy are young cats, with not much tartar. But any improvement is a win. Bad breath, gone. Gum redness has subsided in Lucy and a lot less for Lily, since first started using Plaque Off. One tiny scoop, and I mean really tiny, on their cat food in the morning. No complaints of the recent addition to their breakfast. Always a concern when introducing something new. You definitely don’t want them balking at an unfamiliar taste and walking away from their meal, leaving you with “now what!” I am optimistic that with this huge improvement that Lily will eventually no longer have inflamed gums. (Just finished up the first container for the 2 cats on 5-19-2021) So almost 2 months for 2 cats. Beats the heck out of a dental vet bill for 2 in a couple of years.


Some have suggested “Greenies“. If you can get your cat to chew on them, great. As for my 2 characters, they won’t eat dry cat food. I put 20 pieces of dry in a bowl and hours later when I returned home, I counted. Yep… 20 pieces are still in the bowl. Often wonder how long they would hold out before they decided hunger was a motivation.

When I put dry food out for them, as an experiment. They gave me a look, “You have got to be kidding… we don’t eat that crap.” Well they do after it has hot water added to soften the pieces, accompanied by raw ground sirloin and canned cat food. Spoiled for sure. I had never thought for a moment that they wouldn’t eat dry kibble. But I guess I’m in for the long haul.

Skin & Coat, Digestive & Immune Health

Silky fur, less itchy skin, and as for the other promises, I hope so. Your cat isn’t capable to say “this works” or “I feel better.” You can just assume if parts of the product work, it must be okay.

If fur and skin are better; then it gives you an overall picture of what is going on internally.

I started using Solid Gold SeaMeal powder on 3-25-2021. Bought a one pound container and calculations for 1/8 teaspoon twice a day for 2 cats it should last me 6.5 months. A worthwhile investment for their health and my pocket book, if I can avoid a few vet visits. Happy healthy cats should live longer with less time spent trotting off to the vet.

Fur improvement in both cats, although both had good coats, they are better, especially in Lily. They are young and you expect them to be in good shape. The subtle changes are enough to justify the value. Works out to 7 cents a day per cat. One office visit can cost a 2 year supply or more. No problem with the new addition to breakfast and dinner. Nice if they could tell me they “love it!” But I will just settle for them licking their bowls clean.


Solid Gold SeaMeal to improve your cat’s health.

They have tons of energy. Is it because they are young? Sure. Is it because they are Siamese? True. They have abundant energy and trouble-causing genes. More than previous Siamese, we had the pleasure of having as part of our family. In fact our last cat was so well-behaved. Day and night between her and these two wild, crazy kids. They keep us laughing, even though they are always getting into stuff, that makes us shake our heads wondering what next…


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Lily's visit to the vet.

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