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This review page will list many products for feeding your cats, the ones my cats eat and breeder recommended. I think many of us would like to feed our cats all natural pure products. But we need to face reality, it is not always possible or cheap to do so. It can take an incredible amount of time to prepare food for our little fur babies. They need to eat meat and to balance all the nutrients they need to be healthy can be tricky. I do feed my kids ground sirloin with their cat food in the morning. And every couple of weeks I bake chicken thighs for them. Hubby and I spend time cutting that up into tiny bites and freeze small portions to supplement their canned cat food. They also get some dry cat food mixed with can for their lunch. Always adding a few vitamins to the mix. Canned cat food has been a necessity for these 2 characters I have today. (They won’t do dry on it’s own.) Spoiled, yes, but they are very healthy after a few issues by having to no longer jump to their desires of helping us with cheese and whip cream!

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