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Do you want your cats to experience the outdoors, but know that it isn’t safe outside for them? So many dangers for outdoor cats that can cut their life short. With cars, dogs, wildlife, not to mention fleas, diseases, being lost, even your cat-hating neighbors. You really don’t want to make your neighbors yard a giant litter box. Protect your furry babies by keeping them safe and at home.

There are many cages and enclosures that will not feel like confinement for your cats. It will seem more like an extra room with outdoor smells to stimulate their senses. The best of both worlds for you and your cats. Some enclosures can be elaborate with lots of room to explore. Much will depend on your home and if it is even a fit for your lifestyle to introduce a catio to your adventurous bundle of joy. The possibilities are endless and we hope to bring you some reviews to explore. Click on the blue boxes for product reviews.

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