Cat Allergies?

Is this the answer to pet allergies?

Just read about this Allerpet product. I don’t have cat allergies but I have known of people that did. Most didn’t have cats, not because they didn’t want them, the drugs to combat the allergy caused side-effects or just didn’t work. This  product seems to be worth a try especially if you long to have a cat.  A big win for cats wanting to find their forever home. Just had to share this with all of you cat lovers.

Here is some information from the developer of this product.

  • Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Cat Allergy Symptoms – Around 10% of the US suffers from a pet allergy, and cats are the most common offender (2x more common than dogs!). While most people blame shedding fur, allergies are really tied to proteins in dander, urine, and saliva. Allerpet effectively binds & removes proteins to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate allergen symptoms. It’s easy, 100% safe, and most importantly, it works!
  • It’s Good for Them! 100% Safe & Non-Toxic – Allerpet is not only a fantastic pet dander remover & allergy relief provider, it’s also great for your cat! The non-toxic, non-oily, fragrance-free solution is full of powerful, vitamin-rich ingredients that will leave both skin & fur feeling soft and conditioned. Ingredients include Green Tea, Chamomile, and Rosemary. Allerpet cat allergy relief uses no preservatives or harsh chemicals and never expires.
  • Veterinarian & Allergist Recommended – University studies have shown that cat dander loads in homes were reduced by 50% with weekly use of Allerpet. The solution is widely recognized & recommended by vets and allergists nationwide as an effective formula for greatly reducing or eliminating cat allergies in the home. Experts recommend using Allerpet on your pet once a week. For more severe allergies or high dander-producing breeds, use Allerpet every 3-4 days.
  • Ever Tried to Bathe Your Cat? Yikes! – While pet bathing is necessary sometimes, washing a cat each week to keep allergy symptoms at bay can be pretty daunting. Thankfully, Allerpet is not a cat shampoo! To apply, simply dab or spray a generous amount of solution on the applicator mitt, and get to work rubbing the formula into your cat’s fur. For best results, pay special attention to the areas around the genitals where urine tends to collect and dry on the hair. No rinsing required.
  • Easy Application with Mitt & Sprayer Options – Customers love how simple it is to apply Allerpet with our pet mitt & sprayer. The mitt allows for a stress-free experience for your cat, with the Allerpet application feeling similar to a good back rub. The sprayer is an additional option you can choose that reduces spills & mess, and allows for one-hand use while holding your cat. *Please do not spray the solution directly on your cat. Spray onto the application mitt first.

This seems like a better solution for those that suffer from pet allergies. Not a fan of unnecessary drugs, especially if they cause side-effects.

Why choose Allerpet?

It’s good for your allergies AND good for your pet!

Our solution is completely safe for your animals, and contains no harmful chemicals. Your pet can lick & groom their fur directly after use. Vitamin-rich ingredients include Green Tea, Chamomile, and Rosemary. While Allerpet is saving you from your allergies, it’s also conditioning your pet’s fur and skin! Your furry friend will enjoy a softer coat after using Allerpet.

  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Good for Your Pet’s Coat & Skin
    Professional’s Recommend Allerpet

    You can count on the brand that the experts trust! Allerpet is recommended nationwide by professionals in the Vet & Allergy fields.

    • Veterinarian Recommended
    • Allergen Recommended






How do I apply Allerpet to my pet?

Allerpet is easy to use on all animals with fur or feathers. We recommend using the Allerpet mitt to apply onto fur once a week. For birds, carefully spray onto feathers. Allerpet is non-oily and will not leave a sticky residue on the coat or feathers. Since perfume can trigger allergic reactions, Allerpet contains no fragrance. It is safe and non-toxic to pets, regardless of how frequently an animal licks its coat.

Are hypoallergenic pets a myth?

Some individuals may claim to sell “hypoallergenic” dogs and cats or those with “non-allergenic” hair but there is no such animal. All dogs and cats: purebred, mixed-breed, short-haired, long-haired, wire-haired, curly-haired and even hairless dogs and cats can, and usually do, trigger symptoms. In any given litter of dogs or cats, there may be an animal that has fewer allergy causing allergens than any other in the litter and as a result, may not cause noticeable allergic reactions.

How many people suffer from allergies?

Allergy is, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, probably the most widespread chronic condition in the world; it is a major problem in every country. It is estimated that one in four people is a chronic allergy sufferer, although anyone has the potential to develop an allergy at any time. Allergies are so prevalent that they affect almost every household. Nearly everyone either has an allergy or knows someone who does.

Which pets cause allergic reactions?

Any animal with hair, fur or feathers can cause allergies, including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, farm animals, all species of large cats, and all kinds of birds. Cats, by far, cause the most allergic reactions, followed by dogs, rabbits and horses. is a participant in the Amazon  Associates Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Two Felines. I make a small commission if you shop through this link, without changing what you pay for the products. This helps to feed my cats and keep providing you with valuable information for free. Thank you on behalf of my cats.