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Carpets, Cats, and Sofa Cushions

June 2021

Bissell Shampooer uphosltery cleaned cushions and Siamese cats found a way to play in them while they were drying

Cats enjoying their new jungle.

Ah kids, the carpet stains remain from the previous cat. We tried cleaning it and yet it still comes back.


So serious stuff now. I have read to clean with hot water first. Sure, just as you might pre-soak a stain before you throw it in the machine for laundering.

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I dragged out the shampooer to proceed with the past due project. Only to find although it ran, no water came out. Hmm… dry shampooing is not what I had in mind. Tried the upholstery attachment, thinking maybe the water might divert to that and I can jump start the brushes at the bottom.


No such luck. Sure, I could take it in and get it repaired. Did that before. And walked away with a working machine and a Pfaff sewing/embroidery machine. Can’t afford that magnitude of a repair again. LOL.


Time has elapsed. A new shampoo machine might clean better.


Shampooer was delivered.

The new machine arrived and the next day the project began. Twice hot water rinse and then shampooed. A lot of dirty water for the first rinse. Glad I did the water rinse first. The second rinse produced lighter brown water but looked promising to continue with shampooing for the third shot at the carpet. Looks great.


Cats’ day ruined by the roaring machine, wet carpet, and everything rearranged for the process to happen. Wait until I clean the chairs and sofa with the new attachments.


A few days of unraveling their perfect world. Will be a price they pay. Once everything is dry, I am sure they will roll on the floor, ecstatic over the clean smells.


New attack mat.

Put a mat by the front door. The last 6 years it was bagged. Lucy has embraced it as her own. Jumping and rolling up in it. A heavy mat, but that hasn’t stopped her from adopting it.


Decided a similar one at the backdoor could be a dreadful mistake. We walk out of the house, and they shove it against the door. Locked out by the cat; extremely embarrassing.


Next step, clean the pieces of carpet that were at the front and backdoors. Do a thorough cleaning and hope they look decent.


A few days later and the carpet pieces are clean. Kept one for the backdoor. The other I will use for the cat box.


One cat box has been residing in the living room since these 2 characters have arrived. Time to put it in another room. Will wait until Lucy is spayed and heals before the transition takes place. Will be the latter half of June.


Need to tackle the dining chairs and then the love seat, followed by the sofa cushions. A long-drawn-out job. Or am I procrastinating on the inevitable? The drying time holds me back. We need to sit. So planning necessary for the least interruptions in life is part of the procedure.


Upholster cleaning day.

Two dining chairs tackled first, followed by the loveseat. They turned out great. Next day did the other two chairs. After that task, I decided we will play a game on the table in the evening. Time to tackle the 6 cushions on the sofa. Best place; on the kitchen table. Great height and easy to put significant force into the bristle brushes.


The sofa is old. but the cleaning was a vast improvement. With the warm days, the cushions will air dry by propping them up, so air ventilated between them.


This whole procedure was not a wasted opportunity for the cats. Absolutely heaven. An obstacle course for them to jump on and over the cushions. They were almost dry by morning and with the sun pouring in the window; it was pure cat delight.


I had to grab the camera and start taking pictures. It is stimulating for the cat’s brain. They have plenty of challenges around here. Or am I who is constantly being the challenged one?

Bissell Shampoo upholstery cleaning, cleaned sofa cushions and a new place for Siamese cats to play

Cleaned sofa cushions/new cat jungle

Bissell cleaned upholstery with Siamese cats at play

Sofa jungle


Bissell cleaned these cushions and Siamese cats found a way to have fun while the cushions dried.

The jungle adventure continues








spring cleaning sofa cushions and the cats chased each other around them

So much to discover as everything looks different

upholstery cleaned and it became a jungle gym for the Siamese kittens

On the move through the jungle

cats and cleaned sofa cushions entertain 2 Siamese kittens

We can play all morning in this jungle





Sunshine, cats, and clean sofa cushions make a great combination for photos and laughter

Wonder if they will let us play here forever?



Do your cats disappear when you run machines? Do they like to get in the middle of new changes… once the machines stop?



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