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Can You Keep Your Cats Content?


chocolate point siamese cat laying on coffee table

Lily on the coffee table in the morning sun.

To find out how to keep your cats content. Take time to observe their behavior.


It isn’t just keeping their bellies full. Ah yes, they will be happier if they are not hungry. But with too much consumption of food they will become listless. And health issues could be a problem.


Overweight cats are at risk for health problems. One thing our pets have over us… their clothes always fit (aka birthday suit). I’m not referring to the attire that people adorn on their pets… mainly little dogs. Cute, but unnecessary unless their body temperature drops or need clothing to keep their old tired body warm in later years.


Lucy got a small pink tee shirt after her spay surgery because her body temperature was below normal. It was cute. I removed it when she warmed up, but it was adorable. (Lucy and her pink tee shirt.)


Provide cats with a healthy diet is essential. Interesting foods to eat will have them eager for meal time. Nobody wants to eat the same thing every day, cats included. Variety will keep them engaged during feeding time. Nutritious food for cats is paramount to good health.


Meal times are a highlight of their day. Routines are important to reduce stress. I thrive best with a routine.


My cats know when I get up in the morning that breakfast comes next. They expect it. 6:30 for most mornings. Early days cause confusion. Once a week is an early morning. They adjusted after a few weeks. But I wonder how they perceived the interruption to the usual routine.


Lunch is around 11:30 and they hover around the office, reminding us at 11:15.


Occasionally we return after their regular lunch time. Greeted upon arrival with apprehension. Huh… did you forget about us?” We return with groceries, which need to be unloaded first.


Once things return to normal, they relax.


chocolate point siamese cat on the coffee table

Lily decided one morning the mail on the coffee table was a great place to take a nap.

Floor Sprawl


Cats sprawled across the living room floor soaking up the rays, indicates relaxation and contentment.


Interaction with my cats is vital to their happiness.


Petting, talking, and playing with them is important. Even for the owner. They are part of the family and if you want happy kids; you need to interact with them on a positive note. No different for your 2 legged kid or 4 legged kid. Each needs to feel loved and wanted.


Cats are sensitive and intuitive to people.


You can’t make a cat like you. Accept them on their terms. They can be affection IF they see you as an equal. Or maybe an under-subordinate to them. And joking aside, the goal is to win them over to be your friend. They will always pick their favorite person, no matter how hard you try. They decide. If you are not their favorite, you can only hope that someday they will at least regard you as second best.


blue point siamese cat on sofa

Lucy… life is just peachy.

Contented cats are happy and relaxed.


They don’t need lots of interaction, but we should never ignore them. Sure some cats can seem aloof. But they do have personalities. Take time to get to know them. And you will find something magically special. They can do wonders for your health. When you relax, they can relax and bring harmony to the home.


A calming environment for them and you. Home should be a safe, relaxing and tranquil space for all that live there.


When my cats crave affection, they jump on my lap or get in my face. And won’t back off until I give them hugs, body rubs, and talk to them. Stopping when they have had enough of my attention is useless if they don’t agree the time I spent with them was adequate. I accommodate their wishes unless impossible at the time.


If your cat craves affection on their terms, embrace it. They are much like 2 years olds. They want attention NOW and relentless to get it. And to push them away will damage their feelings towards you. When life requires you elsewhere, it’s okay not to jump through hoops for them. But if this happens every time, you will affect your bond with your cat.


I’ve seen the frustration in my cats when I don’t want to be interrupted. Many times I will stop what I’m doing and give them a big hug, a few kisses on the head, talk to them. Five minutes of that and they are okay. Thoughts of their brief life and the joy they give me, it’s a fair trade.


Always remind yourself of why you even have a cat. They’re like flowers. If you don’t give them any attention, you lose their beauty by never taking the time to enjoy them.


The times when I only had one cat, it was necessary to play with them. Which many times ended up me chasing her around the room. Interactive play is stimulating for the cat’s mind. Throw a ball if they will retrieve or have a cat fishing line they can chase. If they have no playmates, appoint yourself for the job.


How do you keep your cat happy?

Do you play with your cat?


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