BurgeonNest cat carrier review

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BurgeonNest Cat Carrier

You have a cat, you need a cat carrier.

Even if all you do is go to the veterinarian. The clinics would rather you confine your animal in a carrier in the waiting room. And I think that is more for the safety and sanity of your cat. Especially if dogs are present.


BurgeonNest Cat carrier soft sides

There are plenty of carriers to choose from and many pros and cons of each. I think you have to look at your use of a carrier and how often you plan to travel with your cat. And of course how your pet reacts to the confinement of a carrier.

My cats are reluctant to get in one, but it seems when I am the vet they are then reluctant to get out of the carrier. Even sometimes requiring the need to pour them out on to the table after trying desperately to convince them it will be okay. They are just not buying it!

For all the years I have owned cats, only one was eager to get in the cat carrier. She loved cat shows and was heartbroken when we left her at home. We would have the carrier by the front door with all the things we needed for the show. She would sit on top of the carrier, as if to say, “I’m ready and please don’t leave me behind.” She loved the attention and small children at the shows.


Details for BurgeonNest Cat Carrier

• Medium Soft Cat Carrier measures 17.7″L x 12″W x 12.5″H, weights 2.5 lbs perfect for pets under 20 lbs. Comes in blue or pink.

Perfect size for travel. Folds easy for storage when not in use.

• Secured with against-slip zippers, your pets can’t escape easily by pushing against the zipper from the inside.

• Pet bag has 4 mesh windows , which can bring more fresh air. Making it easy for you to check on your cat. 

• Carrier has 3 doors making it convenient to put your cat in or out.

• Plush cushion with sturdy bottom inserts ensures comfort for your cat.

• Large storage bag on the side can hold garbage bags, food or folding bowl.


Important Notes:

Small size only comes in blue. Size is: 15.74″L x 9.84″W x 11.81″
Large size also only comes in blue. Size is: 19.3”L x 12”W x13.4”H

Large Cat Carrier: With upgraded memory metal for sturdy frame, this cat carrier for 2 cats does not collapse.

Be sure to measure and weigh your pet before purchasing any carrier.

Having 3 ways to get your cat in and out has great advantages and maybe less stressful for your pet. And they may not feel so trapped.

This might not be a good carrier for cats that are inclined to have anxiety and try to claw their way out. Just be sure to understand your cat’s personality when away from home and then you can pick the best carrier for your needs.


BurgeonNest Cat carrier soft sides


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