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Bodiseint Soft Plush Round Cat bed review

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BODISEINT Soft Plush Round Cat Bed

How nice to be a cat and own a bed like this. It is cat luxury to be snuggled up and hidden, yet so comfortable in the process. Dreamland of chasing balls, it would be mice, but I doubt an indoor cat would have much experience in such activities.

Years ago when I was buying beds at the cat shows, there was never anything like this. They were some kind of padded soft material, which one might use for bathrobes, not really sure. But there was a couple of ladies that made them. Beautiful job and they with stood a lot of cat abuse (such as kicking the sides in attack mode) and plenty of washings and running through the dryer. Today there are so many to choose from the task can be daunting.

I always get a kick out of ads that say “cats love it”. Not so quick on that thought. They seem to be a discerning group of animals, not always conforming to a preferred taste by the majority. Yet, give them time they might come around to what “cats are supposed to love”.

Bodiseint soft plush cat bed

Self-Warming Round Plush Cat Bed

• Made of attractive luxurious faux fur. Round donut shape pet bed offers a safe and ideal place for a cat or small pet to snooze.Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep for improved and better health.

• Filled with a high-loft recycled polyester fiber. Self warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty warmer in winter.

• Soft outer rim for comfort.

• Water-resistant and non-skid bottom: Small pet bed’s non-skid dirt resistant bottom keeps pet bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home.

• The cover is not removable.

• To avoid matting of the fur, it is important that the bed is thoroughly dried in DRYER directly after washing. Do NOT AIR DRY.

• Sizes of beds are: 20,  24,  and 28 inches

• The 24″ bed is 23.6 x 23.6 x 7.9 inches and weighs 2.28 lbs

• Colors are: light grey, champagne, chocolate, coffee, dark grey, hot pink, pink, and white.

Bodiseint soft plush cat bed


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