Natural Cat Behavior


chocolate point siamese cat enjoying the sunshine

Lily turns 2 years old

The cat’s natural instinct is to climb. And observe from a safe place. Another typical behavior is to get low and hide, which represents fear.


The cat’s small stature on the floor is an inadequate perspective of their environment. Providing high places invigorates their spirit for adventure.

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National Cat Health Month – February

February 2022

Chocolate point Siamese cat in office

February is National Cat Health Month

National Health Month for your Cat


Before the spring arrives, is a great opportunity to turn attention to our four-legged family members.


Has your pet slowed down? Remember the age equivalent. (link here) As each year ticks by, our cats will become less energetic. Toys, once entertained, are off the radar.

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Cats and Technology

January 2022

Blue point Siamese hanging out in the home office

Lucy in the home office

Cats Love Technology

Watch a cat video with cat audio and they want to check on the intruder. Or who might be their new friend? Depends on if they love other cats or not. Our cat Andy loved cats, but not people.


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Cats At Christmas 2021

chocolate point Siamese cat on hearth in living room with Christmas bear

Lily with the Christmas bear

The cats and us this year. They are getting into the spirit. This will be Lily’s second Christmas with us and Lucy’s first.

Rethinking the Christmas Decorations

Had to put a few decorations away. Cats in the past enjoyed the colored silky thread covered styrofoam ball ornaments. Sure, I trimmed them; they were looking shabby. Kept the good ones and placed them in a container with decorative pine and holly holiday picks.
Lily flips one out of the container. Had a fantastic time batting the ball across the floor. My heart sank when she unraveled half and it was in her mouth. Much like a wad of cotton candy. Ran over and grabbed it. Only to realize I didn’t get every piece. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t get her close enough to rescue the last piece.

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Cats in Healing

December 2021

healing nurse siamese cat

Lucy hanging out with the bear

Cats help to heal

I adore cats. After Molly’s death in May 2020, the loneliness of not hearing those purrs and meows became overwhelming.


Life kept us busy during May, June, and July, so not having 4 legged little ones around made it easier. But as the summer dragged on, the missing laughter that the little creatures bring became intense.


December 5, 2020, rolled around, and we picked up our first bundle of joy. Lily a 9-month-old chocolate point Siamese. Winning her over took a while. A year later and she has become a blessing. She has her only little quirks, and we adjust to her whims. (link)

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