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How to Pick The Best Cat Litter

Indoor cats enjoying a happy life.Picking the Best Cat Litter

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Today there are so many kinds of litters.


Prior to the mid-1940s, cats did their business outside. But the more domesticated they became, soon some were living indoors full time. Sand, dirt, paper, wood ashes became a part of the indoor lifestyle for a cat. Messy, tracked throughout the home, and not so great on hiding odor. In 1947 clay was used and named Kitty Litter.


The home resident cat has come a long ways. Happier caregivers found better solutions. I don’t think the cat has changed its preferences, but has adapted to whatever we stick in the litter box.


And you know we are always after the ultimate cat litter. Wishing miraculously our little furry kids will embrace our decisions. When they balk at what lies in their box this week, can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. If choosing the litter wasn’t bad enough, sometimes the box is all wrong, or the placement of the box doesn’t meet with approval.


I’ve gone with dirt at first I believe. Then went to clay, as I don’t remember having any other options. Then I found out about rabbit pellets. I guess as long as you didn’t have rabbits wanting to have a snack, rabbit pellets were fine in the litter box. But once wet, it became like mush. Lots of fun getting it out of the box. But could be hosed off and alfalfa smelled better than the clay.


That progressed into paper layer on the bottom, rabbit pellets, then a layer of corn cob litter. Pee soaked through to the bottom. The corn cob on top sealed in what lay underneath. Not much smell. But the box was heavy at dumping time. The paper helped to release the bottom layers. But newsprint left its mark on the plastic box. Of course the paper wasn’t always left neatly on the bottom. Sometimes I had an eager beaver dig like crazy and up pops the newspaper.


Finally decided it wasn’t worth the effort to 3-layer the box. For over 35 years I have been using the corn cob litter. Like it and but after reviewing 16 litters I see that at some point I might try a different kind.


The choices available are amazing. Of course as they say, if given 3 choices a person can easily pick one. But if given 10 choices the process may be difficult or a person might not pick any.  But I think if a person is educated on what is available and how it might fit their needs it will be possible to at least narrow the choices down to a couple.


Covered in the page reviews on Cat Litter and Litter Boxes, I discovered many more than I was first aware of that were even out there. I covered 9 varieties of litter boxes. And 6 styles of mats, which is always smart to have something under the boxes. I doubt there is any litter that doesn’t track. Even if you got the polite cat that jumps in and out with not much disturbance of litter, a few pieces are going to escape. The automatic litter boxes require special litter and if you don’t use what is recommended you may ruin your very expensive cat commode.


Here is my list of 16:

World’s Best Cat Litter Original Unscented – It is a clumping litter and uses the whole corn and not just the cob part. (This is one I might consider in the future.)


Fresh Step® Crystals Health Monitoring Litter – With the colored litter it has potential for letting you know if your cat might be suffering from an illness. (But you would need to be around to monitor what is going on in the box, it more than one cat this can be an issue.)


Kaytee Kay Kob Bird & Small Animal Natural Bedding & Litter – This is the litter I use and have for over 35 years. Never had any issues and no lingering odor. If a cat poops and doesn’t cover it up you are going to smell it. The pee sinks to the bottom.


Nature’s Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter – Another corn cob litter. This one is also clumping and it would definitely keep the pee confined. They say it should last longer, I can see that as a possibility.


sWheat Scoop Flushable Clumping Litter – Wheat as the ingredient sounds interesting. 100 percent biodegradable and flushable. And it clumps. Perfect for people that don’t have access to outdoor washing facilities for cleaning litter boxes once a week.


Pretty Litter Health-Monitoring Cat Litter – Made of super absorbent silica-based gel. Silica gel, or Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is a form of silica that has been widely used in topical and oral medicines, food and cosmetics for decades. Colors urine to help with identifying problems with your cat.


SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter – The quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria. Clumps will continue to harden and dry until all liquid is absorbed.


Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Natural Herbal Attractant – Now this is the litter to use if you are having issues with cats that are avoiding the litter box.


ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter – The litter is made entirely from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood fiber. Free from harmful chemicals, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrance. Great for eco-friendly resources.


Arm & Hammer Platinum SLIDE Easy Clean Cat Litter – They claim it slides out of the box for easy cleaning. Rock hard clumps for easy scooping. They use baking soda and that makes sense, as Arm & Hammer have been known for baking soda for ages.


Boxiecat Eco Farm to Box Ultra Sustainable Cat Litter – Soft red wheat & perennial rye a natural odor stopper that neutralizes odors in its tracks. Does not contain chemicals or added fragrances. The farm partners practice sustainable farming.


Boxiecat Air Lightweight Long-lasting Odor Control Cat Litter – Made with barley. 60% lighter than clay. Lightweight clumping cat litter that is easy to lift and pour. Stays clean and dry, 99.9% Dust Free.


Feline Pine Clumping Natural Pine Cat Litter – Feline Pine believes in sustainability. So no new trees are cut down in the production of this litter. Instead, it is made of kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production. Using any wood litter make sure it is kiln dried to remove the oils.


Fresh News Original Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter – Fresh News cat litter is made in Michigan from 100% recycled paper that is received from recycling centers and PaperGator Recycling Program. Giving second life to products by recycling is a great savings on our resources and environment.


Naturally Fresh Unscented Clumping Walnut Cat Litter – The secret ingredient – 100% natural walnut shells. Effective odor neutralizing and green. All natural formula. High odor control. 100% non toxic. Makes you want to buy walnuts already shelled, so they can recycle the shells.


Nourse CHOWSING Tofu Flushable Cat Litter – Another flushable litter. Definitely a plus for someone that doesn’t have easy access to dumping cat litter. (Such as condo or apartment living.) Natural biodegradable cat litter. Easily soluble in water and degradable in water, eliminating the trouble of handling cat litter. It can be flushed into the toilet or used as a garden fertilizer.


Note: Many of the litters I have reviewed are unscented and the main reason was for the sensitive noses of cats. People might like lavender, ocean spray, and many other fragrances, but not so sure your cat will appreciate it. Better to start with unscented and if you want something with scent choose carefully and add a little at a time if you want to change their litter. Many of the above companies do have other litters and this is only a portion of what is available.


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