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What is The Best Cat Bed?

Kitten in cat bedWhich Cat Bed is Best?

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With so many cat beds on the market today, how can you decide?

I have bought beds that the cats climbed in immediately.

Then there were others that they sniffed and walked away. Even with times of putting them out for a while and removing if I had no takers. Washed it up and when it was warm from the dryer they got in or if it was the caves, they laid on top. Defeated again. Hung on to them, hoping the next cat I get would like it. In the winter they were more likely to get in a freshly laundered bed. But soon it was back to their favorite. Sometimes the favorite was no more than a soft throw blanket.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee. Just because you bought it specifically for them, doesn’t mean they will like it. Perhaps washing it first might help if they won’t use it. But sometimes it just has to sit around for a while. Time for the bed to absorb the home smells they are accustomed to in their environment. Where it is placed matters. If it is a cave, they need to feel safe to be able to escape. A cave can be considered as a trap or a safe hide-away.

Cat Beds Are Decided By The Cat…

Have had an experience with cat toys, the secret, it has to smell right. Molly was given a Christmas crinkle toy (green with a red Santa hat). It was 9 months before she played with it. Then she packed it everywhere. I stitched it up so many times. Took the crinkle out and put some felt inside to repair it. She played with it for years. We would ask her “Where is Buddy?” She would take of hunting for him. Another cat loved a certain mouse toy. Was able to buy one other, but soon unable to replace it. Tried to make something similar, not cat approved. It wasn’t played with, no matter how hard I tried to entice her.

If you have an old cat and live in a cold area, a heated bed might be ideal. A self-warming bed is an alternative. A cave will also hold in the heat.

Looking at different materials beds are made of and trying to decide what your cat might like can be a task. But if they already have a favorite bed or place they like to sleep, this might be a great indication of the surfaces they prefer. To replicate a favorite blanket they gravitate to daily might give you an idea of what bed they would like. Remember it might be the smells that draw them to it rather than the material.

I remember one cat bed I had stashed away on a shelf many years ago in another room. Only to find Maggie had climbed up and pulled it off the shelf onto the floor. And was dragging it out to the living room. Was shocked that she would be smart enough to do that, so I picked it up and placed it on the sofa. She immediately got into it.

If only they could just tell us what they wanted. It would be easier on our part, but maybe they might get a little too demanding.

Sometimes mats are okay also. Lucy likes the big cat bed on the floor in the summer. Lily likes the blue mat placed close to Lucy. In the winter Lily will join Lucy in the cat bed. When you consider how much cats sleep or rest each day, they really do need a lot of choices. They seem to have their favorite hang-outs for different times of the day. Where we are in the house seems to matter to their resting place.

Below is a listed of reviewed cat beds: (this is the review page where more might be added)

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lesypet Cat Bed

furrybaby Bed Mat

Furhaven Cat Bed ThermaNAP Quilted Faux Fur Self-Warming Pad

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Pet Cave Unheated Cat Bed – Also comes in a heated type


Check out are other reviews on this page. Many more reviews of other items will be added in the future.


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