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Benefits of Giving Lysine to Cats


chocolate point Siamese and blue point Siamese cats playing with cat toys

Lily’s 3rd Birthday and Lucy playing with toys

Lysine an Alternative


With a runny nose and one watery eye, the vet suggested Lucy take Lysine.

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Interesting, as I thought we were in for a round of antibiotics. A refreshing alternative. Advocate for vitamins and minerals as a decent cure for what ails you or a pet.


Much prefer a drugless solution. Drugs are not a natural substance found in our systems. I doubt anyone is ever lacking in aspirin. Yes, it helps. But if the cause of  ailments is a lack of a vitamin or a mineral, doesn’t it make more sense to fill the void?


Have always searched for the answers to ultimate health.


Lacking in will power to avoid tasty treats can lead us into misery of feeling ill.


I overindulged in Christmas snacks, chocolates, chips, desserts, and far too many of each. Leading to a miserable tummy ache. Activated charcoal, chamomile tea, plenty of water, settled the raging indigestion. So if we are prone to eating things that don’t agree with us. Your pets can devour foods not good for them too.


But they are not aware of what they shouldn’t be devouring. As their caregivers, we have to make a stand, no matter how cute they beg. It isn’t easy. But when you see how your pet’s health improves by not consuming any of your food, you will be glad you said no.


One summer with 2 sick cats and neither had the same symptoms. It was time to consider what they were getting from our food. Think of the cat’s tummy size. You see how being overfed on junk food is possible. Two tablespoons of whipped cream is crazy. Not a surprise, they were having health issues. It wasn’t just whipped cream; it was cheese, and good quality lunch meat. It added up to an enormous portion of their daily consumption. They didn’t receive it every day. But not wise choices to consume over the course of a week.

Better Health with Lysine                                                                                                                   


Healthy cats are happy cats. They will have more energy to run and play.


After I cut out people food and fed them good quality cat food, Lucy still had a runny nose and watery eye… but it was milder and a clear discharge. Lysine dosage of 1/4 tsp once a day keeps it under control. Lily’s coughing rarely happens now. If Lily or Lucy issues reoccur, I increase the dosage by 1/8 tsp more. See Note Below


Lysine can help some of the following health problems. Lucy and Lily were both sick, but neither had the same ailments. Lysine worked for both cats.

  • • Conjunctivitis
  • • Upper respiratory infections
  • • Sneezing
  • • Mouth and throat sores
  • • Sinus discharge and congestion


Their delicate systems can’t tolerate over indulgence. We have a longer life span and can do more abuse to our bodies before it materializes into real complications. So keep that in mind the next time your cat tries to help you with your dinner. They should never consume onions… so meatloaf bites are off limits.


Many chemicals in our processed foods are deadly for our pets. You have to know what it contains before you give even a small treat. Not every cat can tolerate dairy products. If they can consume it without complications, remember only give a tiny amount. Dairy products for Molly were life threatening. Very scary… you can read Molly’s story.


Here is an excerpt from Cats vs Us which you can sign up to receive your free copy.

“She was allergic to dairy products. Think… children and peanut allergies. She had taken a few licks of whip cream and began throwing up white foam tinted with pink. We refrained from her sneaking licks.

One time she had insisted on licking a piece of cheddar cheese. Might have consumed ¼ teaspoon.  Within 5 minutes she was throwing up white foam and blood. Ten minutes later she was crying and pooping up a bloody stool.

I sat on the floor wiping her mouth and bottom. Rubbed her tummy. Half an hour later she was calmer. She laid on the folded rug under my desk. The contractions stopped. Now exhausted, we let Molly sleep. An hour later she emerged. The entire experience was terrifying.”


Important Note: NOW product of L-Lysine has changed their dosage on the bottle. Someone mentioned that the fillers have been removed… so I guess you get a more pure product. I suggest start out with recommended dosage. If you are giving it to them for an issue, such as I had with Lucy and finding that also giving it to Lily helped with her problem of coughing, just monitor how they are doing. Always talk to your vet. My vet told me to give Lucy Lysine and so I found one for cats and followed what the bottle said. Giving her a dose that handled her situation and when it got worse at times, I added a little more and got it under control. With the new dosage recommendations, I will again have to experiment with what is perfect for her and Lily. L-Lysine review.



P.S. Has your vet ever recommended any vitamins for your pet to take care of eye and nose discharge?



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