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Bedsure Round Cat Bed Review

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Bedsure Round Cat Bed for Your Indoor Pets

Whether you have a cat, dog, or some other house pet, beds are always necessary. We all need to sleep and so does your pet. They should be given a place of their own, even if they spend their nights snuggled up in bed with you.

Cats especially spend a lot of time resting. For all the years I owned cats, never once did they only sleep in one place. So providing them with many options is just good cat parenting. And if you can have a bed that compliments your decor, that is the best of both worlds. I like the looks of beds with not only style but appear super comfortable. Your cat will love you for the new edition. Okay… I have to add “most likely” as cats are not always conforming to what they are really supposed to like. But once it becomes a part of the home, even the most non-conformist will eventually enjoy.

But there are beds I have bought in the past that are not loved by all. Those are the cave beds. I set the 2 I had out for Lily and Lucy. After almost 2 years and reluctance to using them, I cleaned them up and gave them to an animal rescue center. Lily will sleep in her tunnel (will cover those later) but I think it is more of the covered beds only have one way out, not like the tunnel.

Bedsure round cat bed for small pets

Plush Round Pet Bed for Cats Indoors

Removable pillow design provides year-round comfort in any type of weather or climate. It features super soft microfiber fleece, making your pet feel warm and comfortable.

It features a flat, slip-resistant oxford bottom that helps keep the bed in place on smooth surfaces.

The Bedsure Pet Bed with 6″ high wall caters your favorite furry cuddler!

Sherpa fabric inside and suede leather fabric for exterior.

Bedsure knows that pets can present some unique cleaning challenges. That’s why they made the reversible bed with removable pillow cushion completely machine washable and built to last.

Small size is 20” x 19” x 6” for cats up to 15 lbs.

Medium size is 25” x 21” x 8” for one or more cats up to 30 lbs. More stretching room in this one for cats that like to sprawl out, especially in the warmer months.

Comes in the following colors: Washed blue, Frost blue, Brown, Yolk yellow, Peach pink, Camel, Grey, Olive green.

Bedsure round cat bed for small pets


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