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Aivituvin Catio Outdoor Enclosure Review

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Aivituvin Catio Large Outdoor Enclosure

Yes, you can place this enclosure on the grass, but it is probably much better to have on your deck or patio. You want it where it is convenient. No point on spending this amount of dollars if it is harder to access. Like a screened porch for you and the cats. Great place to relax hanging out with the cats on a lazy afternoon.

My cats hate the vacuum cleaner and not fond of the rug shampooer, they actually might delight having an escape from the noisy machines.

This is a great alternative for the cat that is begging to go outside. A safe place where they can enjoy the smells of outdoors. No intruders, no worry about them getting hit by a car, or attacked by animals. Peace of mind knowing your furry babies are safe at home.

I had one indoor only cat escape late one night and didn’t know she was missing until the next morning when she was meowing and banging on the front door. Shocked, I opened the door and she went flying into the bathroom to use the litter box. Most are so accustomed to using the litter box, no other place seems plausible. She never attempted to leave the house after that night on the town. Of course we always did a head count before trotting off to bed after that episode.

Aivituvin Catio outdoor enclosure table

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Aivituvin Catio Enclosure for Cat Safety and Sensory Stimulation

Cat Enclosure: Designed with 2 bridges, 7 walks, 2 resting houses, this cat outdoor enclosure provides ample space for your feline friend to do outdoor activities like climbing, jumping, or relaxing.

Walk-in Cat Room: Large opening door 60″ tall giving freedom for you and your family to go inside the cage make playing, feeding, and cleaning easy.

Freedom: 2 small doors connectable to cat tunnel or cat door. Or you can cut the wire mesh to attach the window of your house, making it convenient for cats to move freely from the house to outside.

Weatherproof Cover: Cat catio with thick oxford cloth provides cool shade on sunny days to keep animals healthy and less dehydrated. The cover is water resistance.

Spacious: 56.54ft² outdoor cat enclosure provide your cats space to roam around in the outdoors where they can hear the noises of nature and the world outside.

Product Dimensions: 74″L x 110″W x 74″H

Easy Assembly: The large outdoor cat enclosure is super easy to put together. It comes with a sufficient pictorial manual. Screws were in marked plastic bags. Panels are stamped with wooden dowel rods that fit nicely into pre-drilled holes.

Just like humans, cats need physical, mental, and emotional stimulus too. They enjoy watching fast moving objects like birds and moving their bodies in natural predatory ways. They also use the sun to regulate body temperature before dozing off. So of course, it’s no surprise to see cats sleeping next to windows and doors. Super large cat enclosure is the ideal luxury enclosure for cats that love to climb and look down on the world. There’s only so much stimulus indoor shelving can give your fur baby, and you know they’re craving more!


Aivituvin Catio outdoor enclosure table

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