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Adopt or Buy a Cat?


Why not adopt a cat?

Chocolate and blue point Siamese cats

Hanging out together


Ah, the controversy. The argument is powerful for this scenario.


Too many unwanted pets waiting for a new home. I agree.




I didn’t create the unwanted kittens.


And I can explain my stand on this topic.


Lots of unwanted children in foster homes and shelters. You want children, why not adopt or at least foster them? I 100% admire those that take on this challenge. Most will not. They want their own children. I prefer to choose my own cats to find the perfect match to bring harmony in the home.


Back to the abundance of abandoned pets.


The first cat we had as a married couple was a white kitten. The owner was eager to get rid of it. She dropped it off at my mother-in-law’s place of work back in April 1970. He was a tiny kitten, maybe 3 weeks old. He survived, even with our lack of knowledge of caring for such a baby. We named him Trip.

white cat under Christmas tree

First cat Trip


Started looking for more white kittens when he was 10, there were none. Chasing the paper ads, they were gone. Walked into a pet store on May 10, 1980 and found 2 almost white kittens at $25 each. Close enough to white and they were so cute with their little points showing. 6 week old Siamese/Persian mix.


Didn’t have the heart to leave one behind. We bit the bullet and purchased both of them. One we named Freckles and the other Rascal. Little did we know Siamese are not just cats, but they are super cats. Ever since we named our Siamese using people’s names.


You can read of Siamese personalities throughout this blog. You can also learn more by signing up for the free e-book.


Considered going to a shelter

.Have bought cats from breeders. And did this for my last two. If unable to get any Siamese within a decent driving distance, I would’ve gone to the shelters in search of a Siamese or Siamese mix.

Tried contacting the previous breeder I purchased my last 3 from, to no avail. Last resort, contacted a breeder from the cat shows I attended back 1987 to 1997. She had Siamese kittens for sale.


Why pick a breeder?

.My reason is: reputable breeders take great pride in breeding out the health issues in their line. They can breed for personalities. Is this possible? Yes, think of the traits in families. They may have various personalities. But if quiet or loud, other members are similar. Many times, they will pick similar careers. Genetics plays a big part.

When I take my cats to the vet, everyone that handles them loves them. The vet and staff are not afraid of being bitten or scratched. My cats don’t hiss at them either.

From poor breeding, I ended up with Andy. He was our 4th cat. The vet used to write WO WO WO across his chart when he stayed a few nights. It meant Watch Out for anyone coming in contact with him. He is the only cat that caused problems for the vet. Yet I’ve heard many times of cats being holy terrors at the vet’s office. I think it takes the fun out of the work environment.


Advantages of buying from a breeder

You will know 8 generations of their family tree. You will receive a printout, depending on your agreement. Will occur at time of purchase or after your cat is altered. But you can learn of their line before purchasing.

Responsible breeders will allow you to visit their home. Or if they are showing in cat shows, other breeders can attest to their reputation. Avoid kitten mills. They are deplorable and have no promise of a healthy pet.


Advantages of adopting from a shelter.

Cheaper than from a breeder. You can handle many cats and find the one that makes the biggest impression. Ask questions as to the history of the one that interests you. Is the history rich or limited? Shelters are proactive for the furry pets to find their forever homes. They will want a perfect fit for family and pet.

They screen cats for health issues and give shots before releasing them to new homes. Which means it might be a safer chose than from an unknown source.

Note: To clarify, adopt or buy a cat. If you have a pregnant female, the kittens will be yours. Any other case you will adopt and from the shelters you still pay. My reference to buying is from a registered breeder. Which asks for a larger fee than rescuing from a shelter.

Free options: Adopt a stray. Acquire a pet from a friend or a stranger.



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