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 There are no guarantees your cat can live a long, healthy life. There will be laughter and heartaches.

But I hope this website is a guide to help you make informed choices when options are available. 


Do you love cats?




Then you have come to the right place.


This site will give you information on health, safety, socializing cats, and much more.


As explained in “Cats vs Us” my transformation way of thinking has progressed over the 50+ years of cat guardianship.


Spay or neuter your furry friends. Unless you have a registered purebred which you’re equipped to handle the breeding process. Expenses can add up rapidly. Then the task to place them in suitable homes.


I know that certain circumstances such as allergies to cats, barn cats, and feral cats are not on the list for indoor only kids. But for a long happy life, an indoor only cat can thrive. With plenty of stimulation and positive family interaction with a cat will bring years of happiness and contentment to owner and cat.


There are plenty of homeless pets in shelters and I applaud those that give them a wonderful home. I had seriously considered doing so, if Siamese in my state were not obtainable, when I was without cats in 2020.


Reputable breeders care about their breed and are diligent in eliminating health issues when they continue their line. Some may feel the breeders are producing kittens unnecessarily with so many unwanted at shelters. Where the problem lies are people that don’t spay or neuter. And let their cats outside to wander, breeding with whatever mate they can find. And no, breeders that promote their breed are not rich. What they make goes back into vet bills, good quality cat food, cat shows, travel, and the many costs involved. I have never met a reputable breeder that lived a fancy lifestyle. I went to cat shows for 10 years.


Fifty years of having cats, 40 of those were Siamese.


As a young family, we acquired our first cat in 1970. A tiny white kitten, far too young to be taken from his mother. With hardy genes, he survived our severe lack of knowledge.


Raising cats with love is learning how to adjust to accommodate their personalities and health.


My goal on this website is to provide information to help you navigate the tasks of cat guardianship. Maybe through my tragic experiences, you can avoid them.


It wasn’t easy, but the joy they gave us made the difficult times worth the pain.


Each cat is different and imbalances in their systems can cause enormous havoc. I have fed cats cheese, but no longer do so.


Why Siamese?


Siamese never grow-up, they are fun-loving and full of energy. A breed with the personality of a loyal dog. And you don’t need to walk them.


They are super smart and love to retrieve. Some are better at it than others. Every one of my Siamese retrieved.


They are very vocal, and one can have a lengthy conversation with them.They have been given a reputation of being very LOUD. But the ones I have had were never loud or annoying with their vocals.


My love for Siamese has made my decision to create a website for cat lovers. We had many laughs and many heartaches. Cats have made us better people.


As for Siamese, love their clown faces they are endearing. I always say, “no matter what trouble they get into, they have at least 8 points.” Cute produces at least one more point, purring equals another one, and a cat conversation with me is at least worth 5 points.


They enjoy a sunny place to soak up the sun, but will abandon it if something is happening that needs their attention. They are active and full of love. Never a dull moment.


I’m not an expert like my breeder friends, but what I can offer on this site is personal hands-on experience. My love for Siamese, doesn’t mean I don’t adore other cats. If I was unable to find a Siamese in 2020, I surely would have still got a cat. When we could travel (remember those days) if there was a cat, I would stop and talk to it.


Even with the heartaches we have endured from sick cats and hours spent worrying, the journey has rewards. I hope to share with you information to make your cat’s life the best it can be, so that you will enjoy many years with your healthy 4-legged kid. What I have learned I will pass on to you through this website.


The ultimate goal as pet parents is to keep our fur babies safe and happy.


Check out the Library for information that may help you in raising and caring for your furry family.


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The reason this site is called Two Felines. Read about them below.

♥Siamese cats are the players in this tale.♥


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