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Two Felines in this tale are Lily and Lucy. Both are Siamese.

More than just these 2 characters, this site will give a glimpse into cat ownership.

The joys, heartaches, and all things in between. It will be a work in progress, with content, photos, and videos being added.


Fifty years of having cats, 40 of those were Siamese; we found ourselves ‘cat-less’ for 7 months.


Our 15-year-old blue point Siamese Molly died on May 2nd, 2020. We missed the little pitter-patter of paws on the floor, coming to find us in the office. Our conversations got her attention to become involved.


When Molly became an only cat in 2015, she enjoyed the prestige of our undivided attention. Her first couple of years before she came to live with us were rough. So, we had promised her ‘only cat’ status for the rest of her life.


The downside of that decision, there was no backup cat to drown our tears and loneliness. We mustered through the first few months. Plans to hold out until after the summer of 2021. With the COVID-19 virus in full swing with doubts if the next summer could grant us a much-needed vacation. Plans changed.


Live for today. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Time to quit putting off our desire for kittens.


We missed the laughter and love that cats bring.


Siamese never grow-up, they are fun-loving and full of energy. A breed with the personality of a loyal dog. And you don’t need to walk them.


They are super smart and love to retrieve. Some are better at it than others. Every one of my Siamese retrieved.


They are very vocal, and one can have a lengthy conversation with them.


My love for Siamese has made my decision to create a website for cat lovers. We had many laughs and many heartaches. Cats have made us better people.


As for Siamese, love their clown faces they are endearing. I always say, “no matter what trouble they get into, they have at least 8 points.” Cute produces at least one more point, purring equals another one, and a cat conversation with me is at least worth 5 points.


They enjoy a sunny place to soak up the sun, but will abandon it if something is happening that needs their attention. They are active and full of love. Never a dull moment.



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