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Siamese cats are the players in this tale.

Lily of Two Felines Chocolate Point Siamese

Lily, chocolate point Siamese


My name is Lily. At 9 months old I came to live at my forever home on December 5, 2020. Yes, in the year of the virus. As you might know I am a Siamese; chocolate point to be exact.


Not a picky eater and have no problem polishing off a whole tenderloin chicken piece, or a can of cat food. Need all that nutrition to keep playing and running through the house at break-neck speed to keep control of those crazy balls.


The pom-pom balls are my favorite toy, but haven’t quite figured out how to pick two of them up at one time. Shall keep trying!


I talk a lot, but they say I have a tiny little voice. Which apparently makes me very endearing to my happy people. They think they own me, but truth is, no one ever owns a cat. We will just let them pretend they do, so I can keep the snacks coming. They produce a lot of body heat which isn’t bad on a cold night.


blue point Siamese

Lucy, blue point Siamese


My name is Lucy. At 4 months old I arrived at my forever home on January 17, 2021. I am a blue point Siamese. The other half of the Siamese duo, ready to monopolize our new home.


Playing it cool so they don’t have any idea how wild I can be. Making up with all my charm. Purring, flexing, and rubbing on my caretakers (as Lily said they don’t own us).


I am also a big eater like Lily and there is talk that our caretakers might have to resort to eating beans and pasta so we can have the finest cuts of meat.


For a little cat they say I have a big meow. Being cute and loving will compensate for the noise I make.


But first we have to set the stage before we become trouble, so they couldn’t possibly want to return us. I know they won’t because they are already love-struck. Siamese do that to people, with our little clown faces, can’t help but make you smile. We are smart and learn real fast.


Siamese cats, Lily and Lucy are from SanToi Cattery. Beautiful Siamese raised kittens.

With 2 ladies that care about the breed and health of the cats.



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