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♦♦ The 2 products for Lily and Lucy’s health experiment has been successful and for the low cost per dose, will continue using them.

      To read about the products and my findings check out the article. Cat Health Boosters

Happy cats are contented cats


We at Two Felines advocate indoor only cats.

As explained in “Cats vs Us” my transformation way of thinking has progressed over the 50 years of cat guardianship.

Spay or neuter your furry friends. Unless you have a registered purebred which you’re equipped to handle the breeding process. Expenses can add up rapidly. Then the task to place them in suitable homes.

I know that certain circumstances such as allergies to cats, barn cats, and feral cats are not on the list for indoor only kids. But for a long happy life and plenty of stimulation in either a cat companion or positive family interaction with a cat will bring years of happiness and contentment to owner and cat.

There are plenty of homeless pets in shelters and I applaud those that give them a wonderful home. I had seriously considered doing so, if Siamese in my state were not obtainable.

Reputable breeders care about their breed and due diligence in eliminating health issues when they continue their line. Some may feel the breeders are producing kittens unnecessarily with so many unwanted at shelters. Where the problem lies are people that don’t spay or neuter. And let their cats outside to wander, breeding with whatever mate they can find.


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