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🎃 Funny…

I look at the Halloween costumes for cats and dogs.

The dogs look really happy. (aka please my owner)

The cats all seem to look humiliated.(aka cat is boss)

I relate to the cats!


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Fun Quote

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

Mary Bly


October Celebrating the Cat

4th  World Animal Day

13th  National Pet Obesity Day

16th  Global Cat Day

16th  National Feral Cat Day

16th  National Fetch Day (yes, cats can fetch)

27th  National Black Cat Day  (keep your black cats safe)

29th  National Cat Day


Blue Point Siamese kitten

Lucy trying to get attention.

♦♦ You’d think that an animal with the scientific name of “Felis catus”, might just have killer instincts.

Years ago, presented with an embarrassing statement of proclaiming… “No self-respecting mouse…  post is a fun read.


Lucy was given one of these Mylar balls by the vet. Both her and Lily love chasing them around the house.

Right now it is MIA, once located I will measure to find what size it is and purchase a bag of them.

The ball showed up. I have no idea where they found it. Missing for maybe 3 months?

Measured it before they make it disappear. 2 inches across, was it battered from being squished when hiding?

It looked a little dinky and beat up. Maybe I will try for a larger one, also in the hopes it won’t be so easy to stuff somewhere!

Mylar Crinkle Balls for cats. Hours of fun for your feline.






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